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How to keep your customers on your list forever...
Ethically force your customers to confirm and stay subscribed, name
Plug the gaping hole that's leaking your profits now...
Finally, a way to get and keep your buyers active on your list
Stop worrying about non subscribed and unconfirmed customers

Ah yes, a big Buyers list...

The Holy Grail of Internet marketing for most.

Getting all your customers subscribed and confirmed is everyone's goal.

Reaching that goal, not so easy...

No matter what you do or say, some of your buyers never subscribe while others never bother to confirm their subscription.

Either way, you are missing out on the chance to collect future commissions.

Unconfirmed subscribers can cost you money with a paid autoresponder.

They just sit there, eating space.

Can't mail to them.

Meaning they are not only useless, but get too many sitting there and it can push you up a tier with your autoresponder company.

You could end up paying more just because of unconfirmed list members.

WP ListLock will help you solve those problems while reaping the benefits of a larger, active list.

This new WordPress plugin offers a unique and effective strategy for getting and keeping people actively subscribed.

WP ListLock lets you "lock out" anyone who is not actively subscribed to your list from viewing content like bonus or free download

When a user who is not subscribed to your list visits the page the plugin will display a popup with content you create.

Check out the video to see this in action...

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WP ListLock just launched.

For a limited time you can save $20 and score a free Developers License upgrade worth $27 while you're at it!

You don't want to miss this one, great software, killer discount and great training to help you get the most out of WP ListLock.

The training is also embedded in a WordPress plugin you you can install and activate.

Once the plugin is activated you can watch the training right from your WP admin.

How cool is that...

See WP ListLock in action here...

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To your success,


Everybody who markets online dreams of having their own buyers list.

Sounds like a simple enough principle, with added benefits.

After all, once someone has bought from you, there' a much higher chance they will buy again.

But in practice, it can be a real pain in the ass...

No matter what you promise them, warn they will miss out on, some people just don't want to play.

There are the ones who just refuse to subscribe.

Even worse, are those who never take the time to confirm their subscription.

They just sit there on your autoresponder account, taking up valuable space.

You can't send them an email.

But if you have enough unconfirmed subscribers, it can push you into paying more for your autoresponder account.

There's a new WordPress plugin just released called WP ListLock that offers a neat solution to help you overcome those obstacles.

WP Listlock allows users to create "content lockers" that prevent any user not actively subscribed to your list from access.

The plugin creates an unblockable popup that you create the content for, that's displayed to any user not on your list.

Check out the video here

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During the launch you save a whopping $47 with the introductory discount combined with the free Developers License upgrade.

The more buyers you can get and keep on your list, the more money you will make, so grab this now...

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To your success,


Simple math.

That's all that's required to figure out that you would make more money if you could find a way to get and keep more customers on
your buyers list.

Actually doing that is a bit of a problem for most.

Not doing that will cost you in more than lost potential commissions and sales.

Unconfirmed subscribers can pile up and cause you to pay more for your paid autoresponder account costing you even more.

If all that frustrates you, then you're gonna love what I have for you today.

iDevelop WP just released a new WordPress plugin called WP ListLock.

Like the name suggests, WP ListLock helps you keep subscribers on your list.

How the plugin does that is by letting you create a content locker that displays a message created by you whenever a user who is
not an active subscriber tries to view a page.

You can fully customize the message, and even add an opt in form if you like.

Watch the video to see WP ListLock in actiion here...

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If you act fast, you can save $47 with the launch discount and free Developers upgrade.

Get and keep more subscribers on your list with WP ListLock today...

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To your success,


You don't need to be a genious to figure out that more customers actively subscribed to your buyers list
means more money in your

But what about customers who don't want to sign up or ones who never confirm their subscriptions, what's a marketer to do?

Besides costing you potential commissions having unconfirmed subscribers can cause you to have to pay more for your
autoresponder account.

Best answer, make them want to be on your list of course.

That's where a new WordPress plugin called WP ListLock comes in handy.

WP ListLock lets you create content lockers you can use on bonus pages gift pages and more to keep non subscribers from accessing
the locked content.

When a non subscriber visits a page that has been protected with WP ListLock, instead of the content they see a message created by

You can fully customize the message and even add an opt in form to help them sign up.

The training that comes with the plugin gives you plenty of examples of exactly how to get the most out of WP ListLock.

Even cooler, the training is available embedded in a WP plugin allowing you to watch right inside your WP admin.

The plugin just launched, so if you hurry you can save $47 wih the launch discount and free Developers license upgrade.

Watch the video here...

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This is a clever solution to a problem every marketer faces.

Do yourself and your bottom line a favor and get your copy before the discount and free upgrade go away...

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To your success,


If you have any questions or need review access contact me at supportatstephenb126.sg-host.com

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